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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2004)

Mrs. Leo is a doctor. She has a sharp nose, wavy hair and creamy yellow skin. She is
tall and slim. She is about one point seventy metres. Her weight is about forty five
kilograms. Mrs. Leo works in a big hospital. She starts working at eight o'clock in the
morning until five at noon. Everyone likes her. She always smiles in treating her
patients or to others she knows. On Saturday and Sunday, she stays home or spends
her time for recreation.

1.   What time does Mrs. Leo begin to work?
A.At 5.00.
B.At 7.00.
C.At 8.00.
D.At 9.00.

2.   Mrs. Leo is a ........ doctor.

3.   Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE ?
A.Mrs. Leo is a friendly person.
B.Mrs. Leo works five days a week.
C.Mrs. Leo is a tall and fat woman.
D.Mrs. Leo finishes working at five p.m.


          Things you need
          1 egg
          1 small saucepan
          0,5  litre of water

          What to do
          1. Fill the saucepan with   litre of water
          2. Bring water to boil
          3. Put egg in water with spoon
          4. Boil for 4 minutes
          5. Turn off the stove
          6. Drain saucepan
          7. Serve egg in egg cup
Serving suggestion: Warm buttered toast, cut into slices and dipped into the egg
makes a tasty treat

4.   Which of the following is in the correct order?
A.Boil for 4 minutes, place egg in saucepan, bring water to boil, drain saucepan.
B.Bring water to boil, place egg in water, boil for 4 minutes, drain saucepan.
C.Bring water to boil, place egg in saucepan, drain saucepan, boil for 4 minutes.
D.Bring water to boil, place egg in saucepan, boil for 4 minutes, drain saucepan.

5.   To avoid the egg being broken, what should you do?
A.Drop the egg in water as fast as possible.
B.Throw the egg in boiled water.
C.Put the egg in a drain saucepan.
D.Put the egg in water with a spoon.

6.   " ... makes a tasty treat."
The underlined word could be best replaced with the word ....

The lady has ........ hair.

Budi's mother goes shopping regularly. She goes to the .....(8)..... once a week.
There she buys things for the daily .....(9)....., such as meat, fruit and vegetables. She
loves to go there because it is clean, comfortable and has fixed price.

A.green grocer
D.department store


10.   Teacher   : All right, students. Let's start the quiz.
Students  : Excuse me, Sir. Can we open our books?
Teacher   : No! ................ Are you ready?
Students  : Yes, sir.
A.Come to me!
B.Explain to me!
C.Close your book!
D.Open your book!

              Liverpool, England.

          Senegal striker El-Hadji Diouf has signed a five year deal with Liverpool, the English premier league club said on Tuesday.
          "We can confirm that Diouf has signed a five-year deal that will keep him at Anfield   until June 2007," a club spokesman said.
The former Lens striker, who has cost Liverpool   10  million  pounds  ($15.75        
million), was joined in training on Tuesday by fellow new comer Alou Diarra and Bruno  
Cheyrou, who have both signed long-term deals at Anfield.                                
          French midfielder Diarra, 21, arrived on a free transfer from Bayern  Munich, while 24-year-old Cheyrou joined for four million pounds ($6.30 million) from Lille last week.
          Salif Diao, who played alongside Diouf at this year's World Cup, has also signed a five-year contract from Sedan.
          But the midfielder, who cost Liverpool some 5 million pounds ($7.88 million), will not arrive in England until December.
          Senegal was one of the surprises of the tournament in South Korea and Japan when it beat defending world champion France in the opening game and went on to the quarterfinals.

Adapted from The Jakarta Post

11.   In the opening game of the world Cup 2002, Senegal defeated ........

12.   What is the text about? It is about football ........

13.   When does El Hadji Diouf start joining Liverpool?
A.In 2001.
B.In 2002.
C.In 2005.
D.In 2007.

14.   "Senegal was one of the surprises of the tournament in South Korea and Japan."
What does the underlined word mean?
A.A contest in which a number of competitors take part.
B.People who participate in certain event.
C.One who wins the first prize in a contest.
D.Events which do not relate to sport.

15.   What is the information about? It is about a/an ....

16.   What's the quickest and practical way to reserve a table in the restaurant ........
A.Going to the restaurant.
B.Coming to the restaurant earlier.
C.Informing the restaurant via telephone.
D.Connecting the restaurant Via internet.

17.   The correct statement based on the ad is ........
A.The Queen's Tandoor is in President Hotel
B.Queen's Tandoor offers Indian and Chinese food
C.Queen's Tandoor offers traditional and Indian foo
D.We can find Queen's Tandoor in all part of Jakarta

18.   Look at the picture!

She is Susan. She's got ........because of the cold weathe
A.a cough
B.a flu
C.a headache
D.a stomachache

19.   John  : How do the people carry all the vegetables?
Siti    : Some people use a van and some others use a ........ pulled by a bull.
John  : You mean a "dokar"?
Siti    : No we call it "cikar".

20.   Look at the picture!

The man is playing one of the musical instrument. He is a ........
C.saxophone player

21.   Dono    : What do you think of our school basket ball team, Fan?
Taufan  : I think they play ........ than the SMU 5 team.
Dono    : That's why we win the game.
B.more slowly
D.more quickly

22.   Rani   : ........
Indra : I'm so sorry. I'm busy doing my homework.
A.Do you want me to post this letter?
B.Would you like me to post this letter?
C.Can I help you to post this letter?
D.Could you post this letter for me?

Some years ago the forest in Indonesia .....(23)..... from the air like an unbroken carpet of green. But today we only find some trees in the forests because people .....(24).....  them  for  timber.  They  also .....(25)..... the  forest  for  farms,  mines  and settlements. If we don't stop this, our forest will be gone.

D.are looking

B.are cutting
C.have cut
D.will cut

B.are clear
D.will clear

L.A. du Pre,
Foucaud et Cie,
1128 Rue Voltaire,
76005 Paris
                                                                                                      28th August, 2003
Dear Miss du Pre

Thank you for your letter of the 21 August 2003. We have reserved a room for Mr. Alain Mancone for the period of  21st September to the 2nd October, inclusive. The room overlooks the park, and has a telephone extension. The telephone can be connected to outside lines, so Mr. Mancone can use the telephone to make and receive calls. A reception room will be available daily.

The cost of single room with bath is $1500 per night, excluding V.A.T.* There will also be a service charge of 15 percent. This price includes breakfast, which can be served in the guest's room, if desired.

We look forward to seeing Mr. Mancone.

Yours faithfully,

Ramadhan Afifi
* V.A.T = Value Added Tax

26.   What is the letter about?
A.The available hotel facilities.
B.The cost of the single room.
C.The prices of the hotel.
D.The reply from the hotel.

27.   Foucaud et Cie 1128 Rue Voltaire is ........ where du Pre wort
A.the address
B.the city
C.the office
D.the department

28.   The price of the room can be found in ........ paragraph.
A.the first
B.the second
C.the third
D.the forth

29.   Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A.Ramadhan Afifi was the manager of the hotel.
B.Mr. Mancone needed the room facing the park.
C.The price of the room included the service charge.
D.Breakfast was always served in the guest's room.

30.   We look forward to seeing Mr. Mancone." (paragraph 4)
The underlined phrase means ........
D.wait for

31.   Ida   : Why don't you ask John to repair your car?
          I ........ he can fix it.
Yudi : That's a good idea.
          I know he is an experienced mechanic.
B.am certain
C.am not sure
D.am uncertain

32.   A : Travelling by plane costs a lot, ........ it?
B : Yes, you're right.

Last Friday I travelled by train to Surabaya. I sat in a seat beside the aisle and began to read my newspaper. After an hour, I got up from my seat, walked down the aisle and into the WC. I locked the door of the WC. Minutes later I tried to unlock the door. It wouldn't unlock. First of all I was amazed, and then I was annoyed. How was I going to get out of the WC?
I tried pushing the lock. I tried pulling it. I hit it with my shoe. Nothing I did succeed in opening the door. The door remained locked. Finally I started to shout for help. "Help, I'm locked in the WC. Please get me out." In the beginning nobody answered. After fifteen minutes somebody said. "Hello. Who are you?"
Fifteen minutes later an official arrived. There were large crowds of people outside the WC. I could hear the official telling them to stand back.
"Hello, I am a PJKA official. Have you got a train ticket?"
"Yes, I have."
"Let me see your ticket, please. Push it under the door."
I pushed my ticket under the door.
"Your ticket's okay. What are you doing in the WC?"
"Nothing. I'm doing nothing."
"Why don't you come out?"
"I can't open the door."
"What's wrong with you? Why can't you open the door?"
"There is nothing wrong with me. There is something wrong with the lock on the door."
"You'll have to wait there until we get to Surabaya. I will look for an engineer in Surabaya station".
"I don't want to wait here until we get to Surabaya. I want you to break down the door."
"Are you mad? I am an official. I cannot break down the door."
He went away. He took my return ticket with him. I had to stay in the WC until the train arrived in Surabaya. The train was in Surabaya station for one hour and I was still in the WC on the train. The official could not find the engineer, perhaps. I was feeling very hungry. I wanted to go home. I pulled at the lock and the door suddenly opened. I was free. I ran down the aisle to my seat. My luggage was gone. Somebody had stolen my bag.

33.   Who is the writer of the text?
A.An official.
B.A steward.
C.A passenger.
D.A thief.

34.   The writer could get out of WC because ........
A.somebody unlocked the door
B.the engineer came to help him
C.the official tried to open the door
D.the door was suddenly unlocked

35.   The writer was locked in the WC for ........ before somebody knew it
A.an hour
B.a quarter
C.a few minutes
D.half an hour

36.   "He went away." (last paragraph).
The word "He" refers to ........
A.the engineer
B.the writer
C.PJKA official
D.the passenger

37.   Amrin     : I'm not certain the train will be ........
Arlanda  : Why do you doubt about it?
Amrin     : Just now I heard the news that there was a train accident in Bintaro an hour ago.

38.   "The plane departs the airport at 03.00 p.m."
The word departs means ........

39.   Marisa works aboard the plane. She is helpful and friendly. She serves drinks and meals to the passengers. It is part of the service. What is she?
A.A steward.
B.A co-pilot.
C.A flight engineer.
D.A stewardess.

40.   Dini          : Wow, ........!
Gunawan  : Yes, it is the most luxurious bus I have ever seen.
Dini          : Shall we get on now?
Gunawan  : Okay.
A.good heavens
B.what a comfortable bus
C.what a nuisance
D.how come

41.   Look at the pictures!

The man in the B boat could sail ........ the man and woman in the other boat.
A.as fast as
B.not so fast as
C.faster than
D.not so fster than

42.   Sandra  : There was a plane crash in a housing area.
               Ten people were killed.
Wulan    : ........
Sandra   : Military combat plane. It was on a training mission,
A.What kind of plane was it?
B.Who is the owner of the plane?
C.How many planes were there?
D.How did it happen?

When we watch the news on TV, we see the news announcers. Sometimes we see two or three reporters. But we don't see the team of people who make the news broadcast.  The TV team includes carpenters, painters, electricians, light engineers, camera operators, video engineers and sound engineers.

The carpenters make the news room, the painters paint the scenery and the electrician provides electricity to power the cameras, microphones and the lights.  The light engineer arranges the lights so that we can see everything on the screen. The sound engineer makes sure we can hear what the people are saying.

These are some of the news team. There are also the people who write the news and the people who make the announcers look good, the make-up artists. In addition to all these people, there is the producer  - the person who manages everything and everybody in the team.

43.   What does the text tell us about?
A.TV programmes.
B.People on TV screens.
C.The news announcers.
D.The television teams

44.   There are ........ sections of the TV team.

45.   Who is responsible for all TV programmes?
A.The reporter.
B.The producer.
C.The broadcaster.
D.The camera operator.

46.   "The TV team's job" can be found in ........
A.the first paragraph
B.the second paragraph
C.the third paragraph
D.none of the paragraphs

The man wants to take a picture of a bird. He uses a .....(47)...... The picture will be saved in a .....(48)...... When he wants to see the results of the picture, he puts it into the .....(49)..... and the picture will appear on the screen or monitor.

A.video rewinder
B.video recorder
C.video camera
D.video cassette tape

B.video camera
C.video rewinder
D.video compact disc

A.CD writer
B.disk drive
C.hard disk
D.CD Rom

50.   Aliefya : Look at those two men!
             Do you know them?
Gio      : Yes ........ of them are reporters.
             They work for "Republika".

51.   Elisa     : What were you doing in your room when Doni came?
Anggit  : I was reading a magazine.
Elisa     : Is that your hobby?
Anggit  : Yes, I like reading. I always read ........ magazines ........ newspapers.
A.not only ... but also
B.only ... but
C.between ... and
D.neither ... nor

Choose the correct description of the picture!
A.It has feathers, it can't fly, it lays eggs.
B.It has two wings but can't fly, it lays eggs, it has claws.
C.It has claws, its meat is very delicious, it crows at day break.
D.It has two wings, it can fly, it twitters at daybreak, it has claws.

53.   Arrange these sentences to make a good paragraph!
(1) It has the head and feet of a duck and the body of a mammal
(2) Yesterday, we went to Safari park in Cisania, Bogor.
(3) Have you ever seen a picture of a platypus?
(4) What an amazing animal!
(5) Well, now I've seen a real live platypus.
A.(2) (3) (5) (4) (1)
B.(2) (5) (3) (4) (1)
C.(2) (3) (5) (1) (4)
D.(1) (4) (5) (2) (3)

54.   Arrange the sentences into a good composition based on the pictures!

1. Many rhinos die at the hand of the hunters. If this happens continuously, in the next
    few years we cannot find rhinos anymore. Now rhinos becomes protected animal.
2. We can find Java rhinos in Ujung Kulon Nature reserve. They always live in very
    small groups even sometimes they live alone. This rhino is famous for its horn.
3. People make medicine from rhino's horn. It's popular as a traditional medicine for
    a certain desease.
4. Many hunters kill the animal for its horn. They sell at a very high price.
A.2 - 4 - 1 - 3
B.2 - 4 - 3 - 1
C.2 - 3 - 4 - 1
D.2 - 1 - 3 - 4

55.    Which country has the smallest number of population?

56.   The diagram shows us that each country has a lot of ........
B.natural resources
C.skilled manpower
D.unskilled employment

57.   Based on the diagram, the total number of unemployment in England is approximately ........
A.less than 10 million people
B.10 million people
C.more than 10 million people
D.20 million people

58.   Indonesia produces a lot of rice. Texas produces a lot of rice.
Instead of saying the sentences we can say :
"Indonesia produces a lot of rice and Texas ........"
A.is too
B.does too
C.isn't either
D.doesn't either

Andi     : What will happen .....(59)..... the population growth in Japan is high?
Tina      : I think it will have a larger population than Indonesia.
Andi     : How about if the birth rates and death rates are balanced?
Tina      : Of course, its population .....(60)..... growing.


B.will not stop
C.doesn't stop
D.will stop

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