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Lowering births is the unambiguous object of government policy, especially in the developing countries. Increasing populations press on the environment and its resources, take away profits from the capital available for new investment, crowd cities with 5 people for whom jobs are not available, and cause political turmoil. After a period of uncertainty government have become aware that national power and individual welfare are more likely to be atained with fewer people.

Contraceptive measures are feely available  in most countries and are actively promoted in many. Such promotion has little effect when people want large families. However, when the modern ways of live have come into play and people want small families promotion or birt control speeds the decline of the birth rate. Typically, the better off take up family limitation first. Governmental sponsorship of birth control and foreign aid makes contraceptives available to the poor. This apparently helps to spread the practice of family limitation among ever wider strata  of the population. Recent surveys in Colombia, Indonesia and other places with active programs point to a more rapid decline in birthrates than had previously been though possible.

1.   The best title of this text is ...................
A.Lowering Birth
C.Family Planning
D.Birth Control
E.Family Limitation

2.   Who takes family limitation first?
A.families with modern ways of life
B.large families
C.poor families
D.well-to-do families
E.small families

3.   Using contraceptives in Family Planning will speed ................
A.the increase of birth control
B.the decline of birth rate
C.the decline of the death rate
D.the increase of the death rate
E.the increase of birth rate

4.   What is likely achived by the government with fewer people?
A.National power and individual welfare
B.National power and political turmoil
C.Individual welfare and lack of job
D.Political turmoil and individual welfare
E.available job and political disorder

5.   What is the aim of Family Planing? It is ............
A.to increase the death rate
B.to decline the death rate
C.to increase the birth rate
D.to increase the population
E.to decline the birth rate

In early societies, money was unknown and man relied on a simple system of exchange. Perhaps a ggod hunter had more animal skins than he could use. His neighbour, a good fisherman, might have too many fish but needed furs to protect his children from the cold. Both soon realized that their problems could be easily solwed by exchanging what they did not need, their surplus, for what they did need.

This method of exchanging something that is not needed for something that is needed is called barter. The word comes from the Italian "barattare" and the French "Barater" which mean "to trade"

Barter was an important menas of exchange when the needs of promitive man were mostly for clothing, food, and shelter. But the system had many problems. For example, a  weaver who wanted to exchange his cloth for a good catch of fish might not be able tofind a fisherman who needed cloth. And the farmer with too much corn might not be able to find a hunter with too many deer. when labour and services became more specialized in growing societies, barter no longer satisfied the demands of payment. A new system of exchange had to be found.

As mand developed, he turned to many different things in his search for a convenient medium of exchange, or money. One of the earliest forms of money was cattle. The richest man was the one who owned the most livestock. His cattle were called "capitale" and from that latin word we get our word capital meaning wealth.

6.   "The richest man was the one who owned the most Livestock".
Livestock means the animals that are kept ...........
A.in a stable
B.in a field
C.in acave
D.on a farm
E.in a cage

7.   Paragraph 4 tells us about ............
A.the meaning of capital
B.the development of men
C.the role of cows in ancient time
D.the richest man
E.the earliest form of money

8.   "In early societies, money was unknown and man relied on a simple system of exchange. The underlined word means .......... something.
B.buying and selling
C.giving and receiving

9.   According to the text when did barter function as important means of exchange?
A.when difficulties subsequently arose over exact value
B.when the needs of men were mostly for clothing, food, and shelter
C.When the richest man was the one who owned the most livestock
D.When a farmer could not find a hunter with too many deer
E.when men did not need their surplus

10.   "But the system had many problem ( par 3)
The word 'system' here means ......................

That oil has helped to shape the world is not an exaggeration. Indeed the discovery of oil during the last hundred years has changed a great deal of things. And oil product called kerosene has replace firewood in the kitchen of our cities. Motor vehicles using gasoline or diesel oil have put animal drawn carriages into museums. Steamships have lost against motor vehicles. Diesel locomotives have driven steam locomotive off the rails. Jet planes using aviation fuel fly the skies, making remote places reachable in a matter of hours.

That oil is oil indispensible to our everyday lives is not an exaggeration either. Yet few of us ever ask how his important liquid is extracted from the earth and changed into finished products.  in the first place, it is not an easy matter to find an oil reserve. Exploration teams, sent by oil companies, have to go to remote place, and sometimes have to live under harsh conditions, to explore the earth or seabed for oil. Team members study the rocks and the soil, and if there are promising results, the next thing for the oil company to do is to send a drilling team to location. Again this is not a simple matter.

Roads for examples, have to be built first to transport the men and materials to the site. What is worse, the first drilling does not always bring about oil. The drilling team often has to drill up to ten wells before oils found.

The oil comes out from the well is still crude of course. It is  first gathered in field storage tanks through pipelines. From here another pipeline carries it derectly to a refinery the crude oil is broken eown into a number of finished products such as gasoline (petrol) kerosen (parafin), diesel oil, and lubricant. Further processing yields aviation fuel, fertilizers and so on.

11.   The process of getting oil is really hard work. You can find this statement in paragraph......
D.1 and 3
E.2 and 3

12.   Which statement is not true according to the text?
A.The drilling team is sent to the location if there are promising results
B.Oil companies send exploration teams to find the oil reserve
C.It is not an easy matter to take the oil from the wells
D.The first drilling always succeds in finding oil
E.The crude oil is gathered in a field storage tank

13.   In the ..... a number of finsihed products were produced such as petrol, kerosene and lubricant.
A.storage tank
B.drilling site

14.   When does an oil company send a drilling team?
A.after building the roads
B.if there are promising result of the exploration
C.when they want to explore the earth or seabed for oil
D.if they study the rocks and soil
E.when they want to build roads

15.   "From here another pipeline ......." (par 3) The underlined words refers to ....................
A.storage tanks

By experimenting with combinations of chemicals, manufactures have produced a wide variety of effective dusts and sprays to control plant pests. Some, such as those containing pyrethrum, work well and do not harm to people, pets and birds. There are others that contain stronger chemicals, such as DDT, melathion, diazinon, and chlorine. These can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly used.

The first thing to do in dealing with plant pest is to seek the proper advice. Trained salesmen at garden stores can supply valuable information on the correct product to use. If the problem is a complicated or stubborn one, additional advice should be obtained from government agricultural department offices.

16.   ......... to seek the proper advice ( par 2). The opposite of proper is ..............
A.in effective

17.   Which statement is true according to the text?
A.Farmers had experimented with combination of chemical
B.Pesticides which are strongly harmful to living things contain DDT, melathion, diazinon, and chlorine
C.Farmers have produced various of effective pesticides
D.Pesticides given by agricultural department offices are harmful
E.Farmers should use strong and harmful pesticides though they are difficult to get

18.   How can manufactures get various effective pesticides?
A.by controling plants pests
B.by spraying stronger chemical
C.by producing various chemical
D.bu combining different chemical
E.by experimenting with combination of chemical

19.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A.Valuable information to control plants pest is needed by farmers
B.Farmers should have good knowledge to fight plant pests
C.Agricultural department only deals with complicated problems
D.Pesticides can be obtained freely in government agricultural department offices
E.proper advice to control plant pests is provided by trained salesman

20.   What do farmers need before they use pesticides?
A.combination of chemicals
B.various stronger chemicals
C.various effective dusts and sprays
D.information about harmful pesticides
E.valuable information in using pesticides

21.   Receptionist : Your room is number 126 and here is the key. Porter, help him please.
Peter : .........................
Mr. Lukman : No, thnks, I can do it myself
The following can be used to complete the dialogue above, except .......
A.would you like me to take you case
B.could you please take my suitcase
C.perhaps I could assist in taking your belongings
D.is there anything I can do for you
E.Do you need my help

22.   Ratna : This town is very dirty, isn't?
Mayang : Yes, it is
Ratna : I hope the people pay attention to this condition
Mayang : I hope so
From the dialogue we know that Mayang
A.thinks that the town is very dirty
B.pays attention to the people
C.expects to pay attention to the condition of the town
D.pay attention to the people
E.pays attention to the condition of the town

23.   I ...... when someone........my money.
The correct expressions to fill in the blanks are ............
A.was sleeping, stole
B.slept : was sleeping
C.slept ; stole
D.am sleeping ; steal
E.was sleeping; was stealing

24.   X : You cough too often. why don't you stop ........?
Y : I have been trying to do that
The suitable word to fill in the blank is ..................
B.to smoke
C.a cigarette

25.   Your watch is broken. You ought to ..............
A.get somebody repaired
B.have somebody repaired
C.get your watch repair
D.get your watch repaired
E.have somebody to repair

26.   Rita is 16 years old. Ira is 15 years old and Ani is 20 years old.
The following statements are corrects except,...............
A.Ira is younger than Rita
B.Ira and Ani are the same age
C.Ani is the oldest
D.Rita is older than Ira
E.Ani is older than Rita

27.   Can you do this task? The teacher asked.
What did the teacher asked?
A.the teacher asks me if I can do this task
B.the teacher asked me if I could do that task
C.the teacher asks me I could do that task
D.the teacher asked me if I can do that task
E.the teacher asked me if I could do this task

28.   Mother : what would you like to have for breakfast, fried rice or plain rice?
Arni : ....... please
A.I have fried rice
B.I need fried rice
C.fried rice is my favorite
D.I like fried rice
E.I'd rather have fried rice

29.   Hendrik : How about going camping for our holiday?
Rinto : I don't have any objection to the idea
From the dialogue we can conclude that .........
A.Hendrik diagrees to go camping
B.Rinto and Hendrik will not go camping together
C.Rinto does not want to go camping
D.Rinto doesn't have any idea
E.Rinto agrees to go camping

30.   A person who deposits his/her money in a bank is called a..................

31.   The scientist is in his laboratory now. He is making a new ...... by mixing the blue liquid with quartz The suitable word to fill in the blank is .....................

32.   The teacher wishes the students hadn,t forgotten doing the homework.
This means that......
A.The students tried not to forget doing the homework
B.The students did not forget doing the homework
C.The students forgot doing the homework
D.The students would forget doing the homework
E.The students don't forget doing the homework

33.   X : Hello John, what about your promise to come to my house now?
Y : Oh hello, Ren. don't worry, I ....... there by two trhirty
X : Okay then, see you in my house
Y : see you
B.will arrive
C.have arrive
D.will have arrived
E.am going to arrive

34.   We must go to the meeting room now...... the rain. Our friends are waiting for us.
E.in spite of

35.   Tati   :  I really want to talk to Ita in my house, but I don't have a chance to meet her.
            can you help me?
Anton: Oh, don't worry. I'll tell her to come there .................
A.when I see her
B.when I see you
C.Untill I get back
D.since I see her
E.since I leave you

36.   The man ........ we talk about is Mr Ahmad.
E.of which

37.   X : The thief broke my house. He stole all my money
Y : You...... your money at the bank
A.must have deposited
B.should have deposited
C.will have deposited
D.can deposit
E.may deposit

38.   X : We should thank for liberating Indonesian woman from the old tradition.
Y : Certaintly. If Kartini ......... struggled for emancipation, we should not have had a
      chance to further our study.

39.   Jemy : Are you sure you haven't made any mistakes in operating this computer?
Roy : ....... I know how to operate it
A.I doubt
C.could be
D.may be

40.   A wooden bridge ...... here next month
A.is going to build
B.is to build
C.is building
D.will be built
E.is built

41.   Rina : I am hungry . Let's find something to eat at the cafetaria Lina : That's a good idea. The underlined utterance expresses ......

42.   Father : Did andi go to the party last night?
Mother: Yes, .... he has a lot of assignments, he insisted on going.

43.   The money you borrow from a bnk is called a .......

44.   Anita : Hi, La, have you finished your English paper? it is too difficult for me. I can't do it. Lasmi : Let's do it together
Anita : Ok
From the dialogue above Anita expresses her ..............

45.   If someone wants to get a doctors degree he has to write.....
A.a dissertation
B.a thesis
C.a paper
D.an article
E.a script

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