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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2004)

1.   X : I want you to meet William a new student. He is from Australia.
Y : How do you do?
Z : ........
A.How do you do
B.Hi, how are you
C.Are you all right
D.Nice to meet you too
E.See you,later

2.   X  : I have to go to school, but look at the sky. It is very cloudy.
      I think it is going to rain.
Y  : ........
A.You don't take an umbrella
B.I should take an umbrella
C.You are going to take an umbrella
D.I may, take an umbrella
E.You should take an umbrella

3.   Toni left from Bandung this morning.
What did you say?
A.I said that Toni leaves for Bandung.
B.I said that Toni will leave for Bandung.
C.I said that Toni would leave for Bandung.
D.I said that Toni had left for Bandung.
E.I said that Toni was leaving for Bandung.

4.   X : I need to talk to you. Could we meet at ninety nine cafe?
Y : What time?
X : After work at six p.m,
Y : ........
A.Surely no, wait for me there.
B.Okay I'll be there
C.I'm sorry, I meet you there
D.Sure, but I work over time
E.Next time, I will be there.

5.   X : Here we are. Let's see the menu.
      There is a tomato juice or an orange juice.
Y :  What do you prefer?
X : ........
A.I prefer orange juice better.
B.I prefer orange juice than tomato juice.
C.Ilike orange juice better.
D.I like orange juice to tomato juice better:
E.I'd rather have orange juice than tomato juice.

6.   X : Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?
Y : Neither thank you.
X : Sorry what do you want?
Y : ........
A.coffee not tea
B.tea not coffee
C.nothing to drink
D.black coffee without sugar
E.neither milk or sugar in the coffee

7.   X : Could you tell me when I can see the director please?
Y : ........
A.I will give you some money now.
B.You can give me your schedule tomorrow.
C.Yes, you could tell me now.
D.I will swim in the sea tomorrow.
E.Let me check the schedule first.

8.   The manager always comes early to the office. I wonder where he lives. I often see him driving his car to jalan Pakubuwono Kebayoran Baru. So he leaves not far from the office then.
What is the dialogue about?
A.The manager's car
B.The manager's office
C.The manager's house
D.The manager's address
E.The manager's driver

Officer  :  Can you say your name again ?
Tina      :  Tina Sulaeman.
Officer  :  Address ?
Tina      :  Jalan Sawo thirteen, Kebayoran Baru.
Officer  :  Latest education ?
Tina      :  Law.
               I graduated from the law faculty.

9.   What the applicant graduate?
A.Educational institution
B.Faculty of education
C.Law institution
D.Professional lawyer
E.Faculty of law

10.   Where does the applicant lives?
A.Jalan Sawo thirteen, Kebayoran Baru
B.Jalan Sawo sixteen, Kemayoran
C.Jalan Seno thirteen, Kebayoran Baru
D.Jalan Jambu thirteen, Kemayoran
E.Jalan Sawo thirty, Kebayoran Baru

There is a vacancy in today daily.
What job is offered?
A part time chef in the chinese restaurant in the Sahid Hotel.
I would apply for the job.
There is another Vacancy a waiter in Italian restaurant.
Being a waiter is boring.

11.   What job would she applied for?
A.A Chinese teacher
B.A chef
C.A restaurant manager
D.A waiter
E.Hotel manager

12.   What media realized the advertisement?
A.A magazine
B.RRI Radio
C.A newspaper
E.A bulletin

Hayati Hutabarat says that she has downright satisfaction in her position in the company. But what about some other thing in life. There are still important to many women like married and children. Does Hayati regret not having time for this thing?

13.   What is the text about ?
A.Unmarried women
B.Career women
C.Married women
D.Women's position in a company
E.Women's lives

14.   What things are still important to many women?
A.Position in the company
B.Satisfaction in career
C.Having time for children
D.Career in the company
E.Marriage and children

Farmer in Lampung and West Java are likely to face difficulties with rice harvest in the next two month. As hundred of thousands of hectare rice field have been under threat a long drought. But it has tried worrying two provincies.

15.   What is the text about?
A.The next rice harvest
B.Farmers in Lampung
C.Rice fields
D.Possible failure in the next harvest
E.Farmers in West Java

16.   What threatened the rice fields?
A.A long drought
B.The rainy season
C.Wet fields
D.Next harvest
E.Difficult farmers

17.   Although the telephone was patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The first transatlantic telephone cable went into operation eighty years later.
When the transatlantic telephone cable go into operation?
A.When he was still alive
B.Soon after he invented the telephone
C.Before he patented his invention
D.In 1796
E.In 1956

A supporter of the national education bill displays a sign reading "Endorse the national education bill right now" to every motorist passing the back gate of the House of Representatives compound in Senayan, Central Jakarta. Thousands of members from Islamic groups gathered outside the compound on Tuesday demanding that the bill be endorsed.

18.   The topic of the passage is about ........
A.national education
B.education bill
C.supporters of the bill
D.a supporter's idea
E.a public demand

19.   "......... that the bill be endorsed"
The word endorsed is closest in meaning to ........

          Satellite Space-eye does not look like the satellites of the 1980's. It has large wings that gather solar power. The power is for the motor. It keeps the satellite in the same place above the earth. All the big farmers in the area have paid for the cost of  Satellite Space-eye.
          Constanza is one of those farmers, his home computer makes, the connection with Satellite Space-eye. He asks to see a picture of the field in the south-west corner of his farm. The picture appears on a TV screen. It is a picture of a green wheat field. Everything looks fine. He then asks the computer to show the same area, but in colours. The colours show the different temperatures in the field. He knows healthy wheat plants will all be green. The TV screen blinks and a beautiful picture appears. It has many shades of blue, red, and green.
          Constanza looks closely at the large red spot near the middle of the wheat field. He knows that something is wrong in the wheat field. The red colour means the spot is warmer than its surroundings. It may be due to-lack of moisture or not enough nutrients in the soil. Insects eating the wheat can also show a red spot.
          Constanza tells the computer to tell him more about the warm spot. The computer points out that the problem is a shortage of nitrogen in the soil. He asks the computer to predict the harvest if he adds the fertilizer. He then tells the computer the current market price for wheat. He also tells the price of the fertilizer. He asks for a costing. He wants to know if it will give him a profit to add the fertilizer. The computer gives him the answer, is it a science fiction? No, it is happening now.

20.   The text tells about ........
A.constanza and his wheat field
B.the use of satellite Space eye in farming
C.the blue, red, and green colours on the TV screen
D.the meaning of the colours appeared on the TV screen
E.the ability of the computer to predict.

21.   The main idea of paragraph two is ........
A.Constanza is one of the farmers who makes use of the Satellite Space-eye.
B.Constanza's home computer is connected to Satellite Space-eye.
C.The picture appears on the TV screen comes from Satellite Space-eye.
D.Various information can be served by Satellite Space-eye.
E.The Satellite Space-eye sent Constanza what he wanted.

22.   The red colour showed on the TV screen means that ........
A.the plants are healthy
B.the soil does not have enough nutrients
C.the temperature is low
D.the plants are not distrubed by any insects
E.the wheat field is in good condition

23.   ''it may be due to lack of moisture." (Paragraph 3)
We can replace the underlined word with ........
D.owing to

Dear Rossa,
          I am a guy, twenty-eight years old. I have a problem with a girl friend. She is twenty five years old. We have been dating each other for years, since we were high school students. Now we have jobs. I feel very sure that we love each other. Now it is time for me to get married. Unfortunately, her parents never approve of our relationship ever since the very first time. My family, anyhow, does not really mind. At first I thought my girl friend had the power to defend our love. But then he surrendered. She loves me and she loves her family too. On the one hand she said, "I'll be happy if my family is happy." It means she had to get approval from her parents.
          For this, I was shocked. My heart was broken. She ended our relationship just at the time when I was ready to marry her. When I was with her, we were very happy. We had a lot in common and there were no conflict. The truth was, we separated only because of her parents. They want her to marry her cousin, her aunt's son (this is one of the traditions in the Karonese).
          For the time being I am very upset. When I miss her I call her. Then we can eat together, talk together for hours. We act like dating because she loves me, too. The real problem is, she cannot refuse what her parents want.
          So, should I forget my girl friend, the only one that I truly love? Or else, should I just wait, and dream that one day she will be back to me?
                                                                                            Rio N., Padang

Dear Rio,
You call her your gil friend, but she has chosen her own way. For this reason I'd say that there is nothing your can do except forget her and go on with your normal life. Hopefully you can find another and live happily forever.

24.   The main idea of the first paragraph is that ........
A.the writer wants to get married
B.the writer has been dating for years
C.the writer has a problem with his girl friend
D.the writer feels sure that they love each other
E.the writer's parents disapprove of his relationship

25.   Which of the following sentences is TRUE according to the text ?
A.Rio is not ready to get married.
B.Rio's parents disagree to his marriage.
C.Rio and his girl friend often got conflicts.
D.Rio's girl friend didn't really love Rio.
E.Rio's girl friend couldn't defend her love for Rio.

26.   Why do the girl's parents disapprove of their marriage? Because ........
A.they don't like Rio.
B.the girl is still studying.
C.Rio and his girl friend often got conflicts
D.they keep the Karonese tradition.
E.the girl has chosen another guy.

27.   Rio cannot forget her girl friend because ........
A.she is very pretty
B.she is very faithful
C.she is his true love
D.she is his first love
E.she is his last love

          Uday and Qusay are killed and the delighted British and American governments suggest that Iraq will be a safer place. Yes, the Iraqis may well feel safer. And - with the dictator's brutal sons out of the way forever more confident about continuing the resistance against the American occupiers.
          Shortly before their deaths were announced, Richard Gephardt, Democrat presidential hopeful, delivered a blistering attack on Bush's foreign policy which was driven, he said, by "machismo" and "arrogant unilateralism". Bush, he continued, had treated U.S. allies "like so many flies on America's windshield". He added: "Foreign policy isn't a John Wayne movie."
          The attack on the villa where Saddam's sons were hiding might be seen as driving home the point. Instead, the announcement that they had been killed by the U.S. troops in a shoot-out is welcomed by Tony Blair as "great news".

28.   The text mainly discusses about ........
A.Uday and Qusay who killed U.S. troops
B.Uday and Qusay who are killed by U.S. troops
C.Richard Gephardt who attacked Bush's domestic policy
D.The attack on the villa where Saddam Husein was hiding
E.Tony Blair who is welcomed by Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay

29.   The main idea of paragraph 3 is that ........
A.U.S. troops killed Saddam in the attack on the villa.
B.Uday and Qusay had killed U.S. troops and Tony Blair.
C.Tony Blair attacked the villa where Saddam's sons were hiding.
D.Saddam was killed by Tony Blair and U.S. in Saddam's sons' villa.
E.The announcement of Saddam's son's death is welcomed by Tony Blair.

30.   Which statement is correct according to the text?
A.John Wayne movie was presented to Bush arrogantly.
B.Tony Blair received the "great news" of Bush and Gephardt's death.
C.John Wayne was a movie star who attacked the villa of Saddam's sons.
D.Richard Gephardt attacked Bush's foreign policy after uday and Qusay's death.
E.The news of uday and Qusay's death made the British and American government pleased.

31.   "The attack on the villa where Saddam's sons were hiding might be seen as driving home the point." (Paragraph 3)
The word attack has similar meaning to ........

32.   " ... had killed Uday and Qusay."
A.The Iraqis
B.Tony Blair
C.U.S. troops
D.John Wayne
E.Richard Gephardt

33.   1. The aim of a political party is to elect officials who will try to carry their interests.
2. A large political party usually has millions of members and supporters.
3. A political party is a group organized to support certain policies on questions of
    public interests.
4. When people in a democracy disagree about what the government should do,
    each voter expresses his opinion by voting for the candidate that supports his
    side of the argument.
5. The questions may range from issues of peace, war and taxes, to how people
    should earn a living.
The best order of the sentences above is ........

34.   1. I decided to apply for the job.
2. I saw an interesting job advertised in the paper last week.
3. Then I went to the address in the advertisement.
4. I telephoned the company to see if the job was still vacant.
5. The next morning I put on my best set of clothes.
6. They told me to come to the office the next day for an interview.
7. After asking me a lot of questions the manager offered me the job.
8. I was asked to go into the managers's office.
The best arrangement of the sentences to make a good paragraph is ........

35.   Jack  : Rita, ............
Rita   : Pleased to meet you. Don.
Don   : Pleased to meet you too.
A.Don is my friend
B.Don wants to meet you
C.don't you know Don is my friend
D.I'd like you to meet my friend Don
E.please introduce yourself to Don

36.   Mother : Clean your room, Siska !
Siska    : Yes, mom.
Vinda   : What did your mother tell you, Siska?
Siska    : She told me ........
A.clean my room
B.to clean my room
C.to clean your room
D.cleaned my room
E.clean your room

37.   Nuki     : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
Rendra  : She ........ in the kitchen.
B.is cooking
C.has cooked
D.has been cooking
E.was cooking

38.   Ina   : Why are you sleepy in class?
Ines  : Do I look sleepy, Na? I am not sleepy, but I have a painful stomach ache.
Ina   : You should go to the doctor. Come on I'll accompany you.
The underlined words express ........

39.   "Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel 5 at eight. She always makes me happy."
"Sure, I will."
From the underlined words we know that the first speaker feels ........ her daughter.
A.proud of
B.angry with
C.worried about
D.disappointed at
E.doubtful about

40.   A : Have you heard that uncle Joe will come next week?
B : Oh. really? When did he tell you?
A : Last week.
The underlined sentence is used to express ........

41.   "What a beautiful voice. She is a talented singer."
"She ........ since she was a child."
C.is singing
D.had been singing
E.has been singing

42.   Mary introduced me to her former lecturer ........ she married after she had graduated.
A.of whom
C.of which

43.   Atik : When will your sister finish her study?
Mirna : I hope she .......... by July next year.
A.will have graduated
B.has graduated
C.will graduate
D.is going to graduate
E.intends to graduate

44.   Niluh  : I saw Sofyan come by bus this morning.Where is his car?
Andi   : His car is out of order so he asked the mechanic to repair it.
From the dialogue we conclude that ........
A.Sofyan had repaired his car
B.Sofyan had his car repaired
C.the mechanic asked to repair the car
D.the mechanic asked Sofyan to repair the car
E.the mechanic and Sofyan repaired the car

45.   Mr. Anwar    : Are you pleased that your son wants to be a dentist?
Mr. Rahman  : No, not really. I wish my son became a manager of my shoe-store.
The underlined expression means that .........
A.Mr. Rahman's son is a manager.
B.Mr. Rahman wants his son to be a manager.
C.Mr. Rahman's son is running,a shoe-store business.
D.Mr. Rahman's son was not a dentist.
E.Mr. Rahman's son was the manager of the shoe-store.

46.   Jaya     : Why are you still here?
              Didn't you tell me that you would go to Jakarta today?
Setiadi : I would have been in Jakarta if the bus had not got an accident.
The underlined utterance means..........
A.Setiadi is in Jakarta
B.Setiadi went to Jakarta
C.The bus was safe
D.Jaya went to Jakarta
E.The bus got an accident

47.   Student 1 : Andi is late again.
Student 2 : He is never on time.
I think he .......... earlier.
A.could have woken
B.ought to wake
C.should have woken
D.might have woken
E.would have woken

At present, aeroplanes are playing a very important role to .....(48)..... one place to another. People can go round the world just in a two day flight by the world's first supersonic airliner, Concorde, which .....(49)..... at a height of over 18.000 metres and .....(50)..... a speed of over 2.000 km per hour.




51.   Some pollutants are always ..........., because they are dangerous.

52.   New research suggests that men and women should consider ........... cigarettes with carrots, which are rich with betacarotene.

53.   To accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development is one purpose of ASEAN.
"To accelerate" means ........
A.hold up
B.keep back
C.speed up
D.turn on

54.   The government has taken steps toward banning certain jobs for children in order to protect them.
The underlined word means ........

55.   Jack was promoted area manager at Balik Papan but he objected.
The underlined word means ........

56.   The company's finances should be strong enough to develop productively.
The underlined word means ........

57.   Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work among the homeless.
The underlined word means ... .

The man in the picture is ........
A.a pilot
B.a steward
C.a policeman
D.a bus driver
E.a manager

What are the young couple doing?
A.They are having meals at a restaurant.
B.They are talking in-the classroom
C.The man is singing a song for his girl
D.They are sitting relaxly in the park
E.They are sitting next to each other

What are they doing?
A.The woman is talking to her friend
B.The man is whispering something to his wife
C.The woman is whispering something to her friend
D.The two woman are using glasses
E.The two woman are listening to their friend.

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