Internet Business 

  1. With 40 million plus people, the Internet represents a mass consumer market today and will do so to an even greater extent tomorrow.
  2. As the Internet becomes the leveling field for marketing brand names will no longer matter
  3. The most important thing for electronic  commerce is creating a high-traffic site
  4. The Internet is the best advertising medium to come along since television
  5. You should never ask for personal information on the Internet, or else you run the risk of being publicly chastised and flamed
  6. You can create a virtual store overnight by running  your catalogs pages through a scanning device and putting them on the Internet.
  7. The Internet is a natural shopping environment, and eventually brick and mortar stores and malls  will be replaced by virtual stores
  8. You should have a virtual store only if your business customers come from a large geographic area
  9. The most successful businesses in the virtual store will be a large corporations
  10. Your first objective in creating a virtual  store is to build a community around it.
  11. You can have a million dollar business on the Internet  within the first year of operation
  12. You cannot establish trust  in a virtual environment in which you cannot see and touch things
  13. Laws  that govern the real world do not apply to the virtual world
  14. The Internet  is all hype, electronic commerce is a fad, it will all blow over like interactive TV did and the Internet will go the way of 500 television channels
References : 
Magdalena Yesil, Creating the Virtual Store, Taking your web site from browsing  to buying,  John Wiley & Sons,  Inc., 1997

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